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Environmental Health

The Environment & Obesity: What’s the Connection?

Obesity happens when you continuously gain weight over a long period of time. You gain weight when you eat more food than calories you use in a day. When you don’t expend the amount of calories that you consume it causes an energy imbalance.

Your weight accumulates each year and after a while you become obese. Your environment also affects your health.  Sometimes, your environment causes an energy imbalance and causes you to gain weight.

How does the environment relate to your health?

The environment is:

The combination of the environment and your health is complicated. However, you can control many things in your environment.  The information below describes what’s possible. 

Environmental Factors Influencing Obesity:

Automobiles, longer workdays, and suburban housing are examples of environment factors that favor inactive lifestyles.  Major factors in your environment include:


What You Eat

Your Day-to-Day Environment

The good news is there are things you can do!

Be aware of the environment you live in and its impact on your health.  Your choices are part of your environment.  Make healthier choices – choose proper nutrition, get enough physical activity, get enough sleep, and don’t smoke

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Last Reviewed: Jul 27, 2015

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