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Self-Administered SAGE Test Helps Spot Early Alzheimer’s

Finding symptoms early is crucial to treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease. A self-administered paper test can help. The Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam or SAGE test matches up with more detailed cognitive testing, only requires a paper and pen, and 10 minutes of a person’s time.

Although the SAGE test cannot definitely diagnose problems like Alzheimer’s disease, it does screen for any cognitive deficits and establish a baseline cognitive functioning level that can be monitored over time. Your doctor can give you or your loved one this test periodically, and the moment any changes are noticed, your doctor can intervene much more rapidly.

Early detection is key — most people wait 3 to 4 years after symptoms appear to talk to their doctor. With the SAGE test, it’s easier to see changes early on. You can download the SAGE test here.


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