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Heart Health

Keep Your Heart Healthy by Eating Better

When it comes to keeping your heart healthy, eating better can help you reach that goal.  This is one of Life’s Simple 7.  Eating a heart healthy diet reduces your risk for heart attack and stroke.

Follow these steps to get started on the pathway to better nutrition and better heart health.

Learn Why It Is Important.

Take Action to Be Healthy.

Know Your Numbers.

Talk with Your Doctor.

Know Your Family Heart History.


Learn Why It Is Important.

Eating a heart-healthy diet can reduce your risk of:

It can also lower your chances of developing conditions that lead to heart disease, such as:

And eating a diet that is good for your heart may not be as difficult as you think.  It turns out that you do not have to give up the occasional treat.  Instead, stay focused on eating a healthy diet most of the time.


Take Action to Be Healthy.

Current recommendations for a heart-healthy diet call for:


Several eating plans already fit these suggestions:

And you can adapt these plans to fit your cultural and food preferences


Remember, small changes can make big differences in your health!


Know Your Numbers.    


Talk with Your Doctor.



Know Your Family Heart History.

Knowledge is one of your strongest weapons against heart disease.  Learn as much as you can about healthy living to keep your heart strong.

And because diseases of the heart and blood vessels can run in families, knowing your family history can provide important information about your health risks.  Talk to your family about their heart health history.  To learn how to create a heart health family tree, please visit Know Your Family Heart Health History.  

By talking to your doctor about your family heart health history, together you can look for ways to lower your risk of heart disease.


Points to Remember:


Hope Through Research - You Can Be Part of the Answer!

Many research studies are underway to help us learn about heart disease. Would you like to find out more about being part of this exciting research? Please visit the following links:



Aim for a Healthy Weight (NHLBI) 

Overall Heart-Healthy Diet Is More Important Than Occasional Indulgences (American Heart Association)

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Last Reviewed: Apr 09, 2014