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Reasons to Stress Less

Work, family and finances may cause unwanted stress for you and your closest companions. While your schedule may be full and your budget may be tight, it is important to find healthy ways to de-stress and take care of your mind, body and heart. 

With all of the strain that stress causes, your heart rate increases and blood pressure rises. Managing these heart symptoms and incorporating stress relief activities into your day may help prevent additional ailments such as headaches, insomnia and heartburn.

Stress can also cause you to engage in unhealthy behaviors that may damage your heart. When you are stressed, you may begin to take shortcuts. Cigarettes, alcohol, inactivity and junk food may seem like quick solutions, but they have adverse effects in the long run.

Instead of opting for the easy way out, try incorporating these de-stressing activities into your daily life. These tips will help calm your nerves and keep your heart healthy:

Find your chi. Incorporate relaxing activities that stimulate your mind and body such as yoga or meditation.

Get up and get active. Exercise keeps your heart pumping, blood circulating and mind refreshed. 

Fuel your body. Eating fruits and vegetables ensures proper nutrition and adequate energy to carry you through the day.

This article originally appeared in The Ohio State University Medical Center’s Heart Newsletter and is published with permission.

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