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Current Health News

The articles below are provided by the Cleveland Plain Dealer and are written by their reporters about health topics currently in the news.

Title: Evaluating online nutrition information: NetWellness
Summary: It is possible to get good information and ideas on all sorts of sites, but you will want to use extra caution if someone is trying to sell you something or does not have highly regarded credentials.
Published: 2013-07-24 - Updated: 2013-07-24; Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Title: Understanding swine-origin flu: NetWellness
Summary: So far, the majority of H3N2v infections have involved people who had direct contact with pigs carrying the virus – mainly at state or county fairs – or by workers in the swine industry. Most of these cases have been reported in children.
Published: 2012-09-05 - Updated: 2013-07-24; Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Title: Improved sun protection keeps you safe: NetWellness
Summary: It is now easier to protect your skin than ever before. All sunscreen lotion labels will soon get a face-lift to make it easier for you to pick the right sunscreen.
Published: 2013-07-11 - Updated: 2013-07-11; Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Title: Enjoy watermelon all summer long: NetWellness
Summary: Watermelon is also a good source of lycopene. Lycopene gives fruits like watermelon, tomatoes, and pink grapefruit their red color.
Published: 2013-07-05 - Updated: 2013-07-05; Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Title: Therapeutic benefits of massage: NetWellness
Summary: Massage makes you feel and perform better.
Published: 2013-06-27 - Updated: 2013-06-27; Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Title: How much candy is OK for kids? NetWellness
Summary: Children should limit candy and other foods like these that are not necessary. But as a parent, you already know that it may be difficult, especially during holidays and other special occasions.
Published: 2013-06-19 - Updated: 2013-06-19; Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer