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Quality Health Care and You - Diabetes

Good Relationships + Good Care = Quality Care. Everyone should have access to care and everyone should have good care. More and more we are hearing about the importance of quality care and ways to support doctors and hospitals give the best care to their patients.

  • What does "quality health care" mean?
  • How is quality care measured?
  • What's the connection between those measurements and good health?

Good care comes through good relationships-being able to talk to your doctor about your concerns. It comes from having the information you need to ask questions and doing what you need to do in your own life for the best health. The goal of this center is to talk about quality care from the patient's point


:: Quality Diabetes Care

Quality health care goals and information to help you work with your doctor are described in the articles below.
Diabetes Care Quality Measures

:: Ask an Expert

I`m not sure if this is the right forum to ask in, but I just had my cholesterol levels checked and got numbers for HDL, LDL, and triglycerides. What is the difference between them and in which range should each number be? Thanks.

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Lisa Cicciarello Andrews, MEd, RD, LD
NetWellness Expert
Lisa Cicciarello Andrews, MEd, RD, LD
University of Cincinnati

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:: Staying Healthy with Diabetes

See the articles below to learn more about what you can do to enjoy life and stay healthy!

:: NetWellness Poll

When talking with your doctor about diabetes, which question do you NOT have to ask?

Do I need an eye exam?
Should I have my feet checked?
Will you check my hearing?
What is my sugar control number (A1c)?

View results and read more about diabetes and quality care.

:: More About Diabetes

Articles Related Topics

:: Quality Health Care

Quality Health Care Resources
  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
  • Medicare Quality Improvement Committee
  • PBS series: Remaking American Medicine

    Aligning Forces for Quality Communities

  • Better Health Greater Cleveland
  • Health Improvement Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati
  • Greater Detroit Area Health Council


  • Development of this center was supported in part by Better Health Greater Cleveland, a project of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Aligning Forces for Quality Initiative.

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