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Start With Small Steps

It is not easy to stay motivated to do the daily self-care that diabetes demands. But, self-management is your responsibility and an important part of your successful care. Spending just a few minutes each day doing the right things for yourself can make a lifelong difference in your health.

TIP: Start with small steps, and as these become easier and part of a daily routine, add more. You do not have to change everything at once. And remember to reach out to family and friends if you need extra support. 



A Checklist for You (.pdf version)

Here are self-care steps recommended by the ADA*. These are some of the things you should do for yourself to help you achieve success with diabetes, especially when you do them along with the Checklist for Your Doctor Visit. Make a promise to yourself to do the following.





Make healthy food choices daily.



Check my blood sugar regularly.



Take my medicine as my doctor prescribes.



Record my test results to help me track my progress.



Check my feet every day.



Ask my doctor for a meal and exercise plan.



Follow my meal and exercise plan.



Consider attending a diabetes self-management education program.



Quit smoking.

*American Diabetes Association


Developed by the Cincinnati Aligning Forces for Quality initiative of the Health Improvement Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati, and adapted for use on NetWellness with permission.


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