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Smoking and Tobacco

Is Cigarette Smoking a Problem?

Yes! There are over 47 million adults in the United States who smoke cigarettes or about 1 in every 4 adults. In addition, about 3,000 adolescents begin to smoke cigarettes each day and there are about 4 million youth ages 12 to 17 who are smokers.

The good news is that there are fewer cigarette smokers in our country than 30 years ago - or even 5 years ago. But we need to do better and there are differences in the percentage of people who smoke in different groups.

Smoking Trend Graph

Smoking rates among adult African Americans and whites are similar, but the majority of black smokers choose menthol cigarettes and this may change the exposure to the cigarette and its ingredients.

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Menthol Cigarettes: Greater Threat to Women (Video)

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Last Reviewed: Mar 27, 2006

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