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Sports Medicine

Many people have incorporated fitness and sports into their lives to prevent illness and injury. Sports medicine has evolved to support them as an area of specialization within a few different disciplines like family medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine and orthopedics. It encompasses everything from game coverage of professional sporting events to incorporating exercise into a patient's lifestyle as a treatment for a disease process such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, anxiety or depression.


Understanding Sports Medicine

  • Back to Basics: Understanding Back Pain
  • How Being Injured Affects Mental Health
  • Take the Pain Out of Your Sprained Ankle
  • Use Your Head!
  • Intro to Concussions
  • Sports Injuries - Prevention Tips
  • What Is a Sports Medicine Physician? (American Medical Society for Sports Medicine)

  • Commonly Asked Questions

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  • ACL Tear: Which Is Better, Surgical or Non-Surgical Treatment?
  • Did I Tear My Hamstring and Glutes?
  • Do I Have Patellofemoral Syndrome?
  • Do I Only Need to Rest My Knee?
  • Does a MR Anthrogram Differ from a MRI?
  • How Can I Solve My Feet Problems?
  • How Long Does It Take for Raw Bone to Heal After Bone Spur Removal in the Shoulder?
  • How Should I Treat a Baker's Cyst?
  • Is 30 Minutes Enough for Weight Training?
  • Knee Injuries: What Are Good Cardio Options?
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  • Symptoms and Tests
  • Treatment
  • Research Studies
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