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Diet and Nutrition

Can I Lose Weight Without a Gallbladder?



I'm 23 years old (female) 5'6" and about 40 pounds overweight, I had my gallbladder removed over a year ago and I'd like to know if it is unrealistic to believe that I can go back to my initial weight of 130 pounds, and if I should talk to a doctor about considering the new weight loss medication Meridia It's difficult for me to lose weight even when I excercise and I believe that my Body Mass Index is between 27 and 29.7, and there is a history of high blood pressure and diabetes in my family (mother and aunt on my mother's side). Please answer me if you can.


Your ideal body weight would be 130 lbs plus or minus 10-13 lbs. It is certainly realistic for you to lose your weight and helpful in reducing your risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. However, you should try to select a weight that is comfortable for you in terms of eating the foods you enjoy, exercise and keeping the weight off. The newer recommendations are to lose 10% of your current weight. 

While drugs such as meridia are helpful for individuals who have severe weight problems I would not define you in that category. These drugs can help you to lose weight however, when stopped, it will be up to you to have re learned to eat healthfully and to exercise. Dietary recommendation following gallbladder removal are to consume a low fat diet which will also assist you in your weight loss efforts. Please consult a registered dietitian who can assist you to lose your weight in a healthy and efficient manner. Good luck.

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Jill Foster, MD
Formerly, Assistant Professor
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati