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Infectious Diseases

Anal condyloma



Recently, I underwent surgery for an anal fissure. The surgeon also excised what he said was a polyp. However, the pathology report said that it was a condyloma. From what I have read since then, it is like venereal warts or HPV. The surgeon also said it was the size of the tip of his thumb! How would this be in my rectum as I have never had anal sex? this really is upsetting me I woiuld just like some info. Thank You.


I have previously answered several questions about Human Pappiloma Virus (HPV) and condyloma, so might also want to check out the archived answers to previously asked questions on this site.

HPV does indeed cause warts in the anal and genital areas, and is acquired through close phyical contact with someone who has warts or at least is shedding HPV. You do not have to have had anal intercourse to have anal condyloma (warts) -- just reasonably close anal-genital contact to become infected in that area.

Treatment is by surgical excision or local destruction such as cryotherapy, chemical burn, electrical cautery, or laser ablation. Recurrences are common and ususally just require retreatment. There is also a slightly increased risk of anal carcinoma, but the overal risk of this is still very small.

It sounds like you have been treated properly. You should probably also follow-up with your physician at some regular interval. I hope this is helpful.

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