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Arthritis and Rheumatism

Gout diet



I have gout. I am trying to manage it by diet, without medication. I am having a terrible time finding a comprehensive list of the purine content of foods. Nutrition information sources that I have found are superficial at best. Many conflict with one an other, with such maddening contradictions as..... Peanuts are bad but peanut butter is OK. Bread is bad, bread is good. Yeast is bad, yeast baked goods are OK. Eat only whold grains, eat no whole grains. Eat lots of fruit, be careful of fruit, etc. Medical information sources on a proper diet for gout give only the most superficial information such as avoid high protein organ meats, legumes, alcohol, etc. Where can I find a comprehensive list of the purine content of foods. Thanks!


Foods that are high in purines include poultry,liver,"organ" meats (heart, kidnies, brain,pancreas)and legumes (peas, beans, peanuts, soybeans, sweet peas, alfalfa).

A strict low purine diet can decrease your serum uric acid by 1 mg./dl. Although this is desirable, it is seldom enough to avoid gout attacks. You should also evaluate other potentially contributing factors such as alcohol intake and the regular ingestions of certain medicines such as aspirins.

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