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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Mixing KavaKava with Ritalin



I have been using KavaKava with some success on my son prior to his diagnosis of ADHD. What I now need to know is can he continue to take it alonside Ritalin


I know of a few people who remained on or began KavaKava once they started Ritalin. They have had no clear problems, HOWEVER, there is little experience with the combination, and even less controlled studies with the combination, so I suggest to my patients that the combination not be used in adults without very clear advantages and not be used in children at all. On the other hand, I have only moderate experience with such supplements. A physician with much more experience with KavaKava might have a differing, and possibly more appropriate, opinion. Sorry to be so vague but, unfortunately, that is often the response to accessing many of today`s recognized complementary/alternative medicine (CAM) therapies. Perhaps the National Institute of Health or other experts will give us more to go on soon.

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Susan Louisa Montauk, MD
Formerly Professor of Family Medicine
University of Cincinnati