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Parkinson's Disease

Overweight with parkinsons



I am an overweight person with parkinson`s disease. I am considering a stomach stapling operation and want to know if the decreased stomache size would cause a problem taking meds . On the internet ,some pwp`s have said they had problems after general anesthesia with symtoms worsening ,some temporarily ,some not at all but some permanantly. Also I know a woman who is participating in research on using a common diabetes drug for weight loss . She takes it 3 times a day with meals and she is losing weight . It controls glucose or insulin in the blood ( not sure of the details) . I think it would help me move around better if I weighed much less than I do . You may edit this to save space when you answer , and if the reply is to diet ,don`t reply please (been there done that) .


This is a difficult question to answer as few patients are in your exact situation. The absorption of Sinemet could be affected by gastric stapling. General anesthesia involves being off meds for a while, during which time PD symptoms can get worse. For more information on weight loss options you may want to check the Diet and Nutrition section on this site.

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Arif Dalvi, MD
Assistant Professor
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati