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Decongestants for men witth enlarged prostate



I have a dry cough which keeps me up at night. I am 75 yrs. old with an enlarged prostate and recovering from acute gastritis. can you recommend a decongestant that won`t affect my prostate or my digestive system?


I would initially try to use topical nose sprays such as a nasal corticosteroid spray or ipratropium bromide to determine if they reduce post nasal drainage that is causing the cough. However, you should see your doctor for evaluation and treatment of this condition as a number of things can cause a cough such as gastroesophageal reflux (heartburn), asthma, post-nasal drainage...Your doctor should also check a Chest X-ray if one has not been done recently. However, if the cough is due to upper airway disease, ie. post-nasal drainage, then I would first focus on topical agents rather than systemic decongestants and/or antihistamines which will affect your prostate. Good Luck.

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Jonathan   Bernstein, MD Jonathan Bernstein, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati