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Should I be tested for lupus



I am an Afroamerican male age 25, my mother who is 40 currently has lupus she was diagnosed with lupus when she was about 30. I currently have no symptoms of lupus, should I be tested? And if I decide not to get tested at this time but in a few years would that be detrementil to my health i.e. "early detection", the reason being of my employment in the military would disqualify me from my current job if at this time I were to test positive. so the big question is can I wait to get tested


Although lupus occurs more commonly among relatives of patients with lupus, most do not develop the disease and, hence, routine testing of relatives for lupus is not performed. In addition, the screening antibody test for lupus is not very specific for the diagnosis for lupus; it is more frequently positive in relatives of lupus patients although the majority do not develop the disease.

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Anne-Barbara Mongey, MD
Formerly, Director, Arthritis Clinic, Univerity Hospital
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati