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Are These Symptoms Of HIV?



Approximately one year ago I had an encounter with a sex worker in Germany. I did not have penetrative sex, but her vaginal secretions did come into contact with my hands and testicle area. Initally, I had symptoms which included a burning sensation around my genital area and an itchy rash on my skin over my ribs. This went away, and since I have had persistant problems with floaters in the eyes and muscle twitching which can be anywhere, but especially in the arms, neck an face. I did have HIV tests at 3,6 and 9 months including PCR DNA at 6 months. My question is: are these symptoms that could be due to HIV after one year and if so do you recommend further testing?


To be on the safe side you probably need another HIV test at 1 year after the encounter to be sure you did not acquire the infection. Some of your symptoms like the rash and burning in the genital area could be symptoms related to genital herpes. Please contact your primary care physician to look into this.

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Pamposh   Kaul, MD Pamposh Kaul, MD
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