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Vasculitis or something else?



I was dx with lupus about seven years ago. I have tried most all the drugs and have gotten very little response except with prednisone. I keep getting perodic swelling, soreness, and spasm in my left temple area. A bad headache usually accompanies it. This time as the left was feeling a little better it began on the right side as well. I also have noticed small very tender lumps in my finger tips. I am so tired of all of these problems. I don`t have a local physician who specializes in lupus so I must travel about 3 hours away. Are these problems related to lupus as a vasculitis, or could this be related to something else. I also have diabetes. when the pain starts in my left side of my head, my vision also blurs a little. Thank you so much for taking the time to help us.


It sounds like you`re asking for a specific diagnosis, which is more than I can provide online. Only a detailed history and physical exam by a healthcare professional can provide enough information to make a specific diagnosis. Please discuss your concerns with your healthcare provider.

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Larry   Houk, MD Larry Houk, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine and Rheumatology
College of Medicine
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