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Alzheimer's Disease

Identifying Alzheimer's Disease



My mother is 69 years old and is in good health. However, she has had a problem for the last couple of years that is getting worse. Within a five minute chat she my ask you the same question several times and each time she phrases the question just the same. She doesn't realize she is doing this. Does this sound like Alzheimer's?


Repetitive questioning is a common symptom, and is often indicative of a memory problem. One note of caution should be that it is important to exclude peripheral hearing loss as a cause of this problem (if you can't perceive a stimulus, then its difficult to recall it). I would recommend that your mother be evaluated for this problem by a physician knowledgeable in this area. Although this could be the first symptom of Alzheimer's disease, other medical conditions could be causing this problem as well.

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Response by:

Jon Stuckey, PhD
Case Western Reserve University

Alan J Lerner, MD
Professor of Neurology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University