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Urinary Tract Cancers

Recurrence rate of superficial CA of Bladder



When a superficial polyp is removed (TUR)from the urinary bladder and it turns out to be a low grade/low stage CA, and the Doc says nothing more needs to be done outside of monitoring it with periodic cystoscopies -- 1)what are the chances of recurrence; and is it more likely to return there or could it pop up elsewhere, as a result of this small polyp (caught early while tx kidney stones)? 2) what is the std practice for how often I should return for cystos and can it be monitored interspersed with NMP (?) -- checking urine for cancer cells? What are the genarally accepted practices here according to recent literature. Thanks for sharing the usual practice guidelines in this type of situation!


Oftentimes, no further treatment is required but it is recognized that recurrence rates can approach 50%. For this reason patients are followed with periodic cystoscopies which can be a t 3 month intervals for 2 years followed by 6 month intervals for 2 years and then yearly. At time BCG bladder treatments are perfomed, but not usually for the first tumor.

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