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Digestive Disorders

Colon pain after hysterectomy



I have twice had an inflammed colon given antibotics and then no problem for 2 to 3 yrs.on 6-7-00 I had a complete hysterectomy,before entering the hospital I was having some colon inflamation but very mild,well after the surgery it was servere pain on that lower left side that will not go away still even tho I am on cipro I am also lactose intolerant I am 46 yrs old. day after surgery the pain was so bad the did a sonogram of my left side and some other x-rays where dye was used,(doc was worried of possible blood clot)everything was normal,do you think the surgery could of inflammed my colon more than it was.thank you


Lower abdominal pain does not necessarily implicate the colon or colon inflammation as the cause. Inflammation of the colon in general is caused by diverticulitis, infections, inflammatory bowel disease, or ischemia (reduced blood flow). Inflammation of the colon can only be diagnosed by specific x-rays (eg. CAT scan or barium enema)or by direct visualization of the inner lining of the colon by endoscopy (flexible scope). Thus it would be impossible to tell if your pain is coming from colon inflammation unless such tests showed it. There is no known association between colon inflammation and hysterectomy either.

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John D Long, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati