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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Adult adenoid infection treatment



I am a 52 year old healthy, non-smoking female with an adenoid infection. My ENT diagnosed this by looking at my adenoids; he then prescribed Ceftin for 20 days. Although the discolored mucus I had has for the most part gone away, I still feel I am swallowing excess mucus and now I have occasional slight pain at the back of my throat and once in a while a little blood in my mucus when I blow my nose. Is an adenoidectomy the best solution to this problem or is there a different antibiotic I should try? Would a culture of the bug help? My symptoms are not very annoying and I`d be willing to wait this out to see if my body cures itself. However, I don`t want to ignore a more serious illness. Are these symtoms of cancer of the adenoids? How is it diagnosed?


The andenoids are a pad of lymph tissue located behind the nose and above the palate. While adenoiditis is certainly possible in a 52 year old, it is very unusual for the adenoids to cause any problems at this age.

If your symptoms persist, and certainly if your adenoid region looks abnormal, then your ENT doctor might consider an imaging study (either MRI or CT) or perhaps even a biopsy of this area to make sure there is no tumor in this area.

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