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Nose bleeds



My 5 year old has nose bleeds quite often, especially when she is active. Is this normal? I did this when I was a child. Is this hereditary?


Nose bleeds are common in children. A number of things need to be checked, including a blood pressure, and a nasal exam. Provided these are normal, there is no further work up which is generally required. The nose bleeds should be easy to stop and not cause a significant amount of blood loss.

I do not know of any heriditary condition other that "heriditary hemorrhagic telangectasia." This disorder usually presents with other findings and bleeding of the gut as well.

Good things to do are avoid heavy blowing, manipulation of the nose, and use salt water nose drops for dryness. Keeping afrin nasal spray around for a more severe bleed can be helpful. However, this should never be used for more than a few days, and preferrably never more than a few times a week.

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Caroline Mueller, MD
Assistant Professor
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati