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Is There A Treatment or Cure For HIV Positive Individuals?



According to the research that has been done in Toronto at The Sunnybrook Hospital AIDS/HIV Research Center, there are two vacCines which will be available by the year 2002. One vacCine is for people who have not been infected by the HIV virus and the other is a vacCine made for people who already are infected with the HIV virus and are on the Anti-HIV drug cocktail. (which is the combination of three HIV drugs that target and attack the virus from every side and every level of the virus`s infectious progress from attaching itself to the T4 Cell and by using a protein in order to repliate itself and the repliation goes in three stages as you already know.

My question is this:

1) Will the new vaccine work for people who are infected even though they are on HIV drug cocktail?

2) If not, is there a new drug or treatment available or will be available for the treatment and cure for people who are HIV+ who either are taking the HIV drug cocktail or not?


I have tried to determine what vaccines were being used at the The Sunnybrooke Hospital for the treatment or prevention of HIV. I cannot be sure what they are trying. I think they are doing an rIL2 study which is an injection aimed at boosting the immune system in people already infected. It is used along with the cocktail, but is not a cure. To my knowledge, I am unaware of a vaccine available to prevent AIDS. Hope this is helpful.

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Carl   Fichtenbaum, MD Carl Fichtenbaum, MD
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