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AutoImmune Tests



About three years ago, after years of increasing symptoms,(aching body, various joints, cold hands and feet, swelling fingers and legs, low grade temp, fatigue, stiff muscles, etc., I could go on..) I had a series of tests. All the tests were positive. RA,C-Reactive Protein, ANA (Nuecleolor) with titer 1:180. I was tested 4 different times, by an Internist and Rhuematologist. The diagnoses was left at RA but the Rhuematologist suggest that I was developing another type of autoimmune disease (Doctor was not specific). I lost my insurance shortly there after, only as time has gone by I seem to be feeling worse. I hope to get temporary insurance in the next month or so. My Question is... Can and do autoimmune diseases, that are not drug induced, every change for the better. Do they ever just go away, spontaneuously (sp?)? I am hoping this just arthritis.


Yes, autoimmune diseases do spontaneously remit (subside) sometimes. Most of the times, this disappearance of symptoms (remission) is only temporary. In any one coming with symptoms like that of yours, I STRONGLY urge them to seek the help of their Dr., preferably a rheumatologist. It is NOT advisable to wait in the hope of spontaneous remission, as it has a risk of delaying the proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Ram Raj   Singh, MD Ram Raj Singh, MD
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