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Allergy to underwear elastic



Hello, I react severely to bras, jog bras, the elastic of panites and bandaides. My skin becomes red and swollen, then dry and flaky as it heals along the exact line of contact with these items. Since I wear a bra and underwear daily I am wondering how I can deal with this problem? Can one develop immunites to this allergen? Topicla steroid creams work. however since I am 5 months pregnant and also wanting to source the problem form the root and prevent it rather than just treat it, I have stayed away from using it and am seeking help in other forms. Can`t get into my dermatologist until September. Should I se an allergist instead of a dermatologist? Thank you so much,


You probably need a dermatologist or allergist who can do patch skin tests to determine if you are allergic to a chemical used to make the elastic rubber in the underwear.

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David I Bernstein, MD David I Bernstein, MD
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University of Cincinnati