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Usually at what titers is ANA test positive for lupus in adults?If ANA test is negative does it automaticlly mean that titers are less than 20?At what titers is ANA test negative in adults?Also would taking antibiotics (Amoxicillin) two weeks prior ESR blood test have any effect on ESR test result?I was told that antibiotics cause inflamation for at least a month after having stopped taking them and therefore would cause ESR blood test to be (falsely) higher (if done in this time period).After having stopped taking antibiotics when is the best time to have an ESR test done?Thank you


An ANA can be positive in any titer in SLE often 1/320 or greater.

If the ANA is negative there are no titers.

An antibiotic can normalize an ESR, if the test was abnormal due to infection. An antibiotic will not normalize an elevated ESR caused by SLE.

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Larry   Houk, MD Larry Houk, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine and Rheumatology
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati