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Breast Cancer

Paget disease of the nipples



can you tell mi more about paget disease of the nipples...will i die? percentage of healing and method??? pls help mi:~~~((


Paget`s Disease is a form of breast cancer that first affects the nipple. It is presented as itchy scaly skin that looks like eczema. Paget`s Disese is diagnosed with a biopsy of the skin. A mammogram must be done to see if the cancer is in the breast as it is sometimes associated with ductal carcinoma. Treatment depends upon the extent of the disease. If the cancer cells are only of the nipple, only the nipple and areola need to be removed with surgery. This type is usually slow growing and has not invaded the lymph nodes. Sometimes a wide excision of the area and radiation is done without a mastectomy. If the cancer is invasive and present deeper in the ducts, a mastectomy of the breast is the treatment. The diagnosis of cancer is frightening but Paget`s Disease is very treatable. Follow through with your doctor`s recommended treatment for a favorable outcome. Thank you for writing.

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