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Newborn and Infant Care

Excessive boiled silicone bottle teat/nipple




Good day. I bottle feed my baby girl. I use feeding bottles and teats/nipples manufactured under a Japanese brand name `Pigeon". I will boil bottles and teats/nipples before first time use. Last night, I boiled the newly bought silicone teats/nipples on the gas stove. They were boiling for 45 minutes because I forgot about it. I do not know how to evaluate the condition of the teats/nipples. Now, I am not sure whether to let my baby girl suck the teats/nipples because I am afraid of the health dangers (toxic, cancerous, etc) that the use may pose to my baby girl. Is excessive boiled of silicone teat/nipple produce toxic into the mouth when being suck? Does the teat/nipple surface melt and consume when being suck? If I am not mistaken, excessive boiled plastic bottle does contaminate its content. Is consuming silicome health hazardous in anyway? Thank you for your time. Please do reply.


I was unable to find information on the effects of temperature specific for silicone nipples/teats. What I did find said that nipples may become weak with heat, and should not be heated. If the nipple/teat is cracked, gummy or soft it should be discarded immediately. If you are unsure it is best to purchase new ones. You could contact the manufacturer for specific information on their product.

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