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Digestive Disorders

Is dirreha normal after gallbladder surgery



i am around 11 years post op for a gallbladder removal and am having terrible diarreha and my md says I have the syndrome after the surgery. but when I eat out any where I have about 5 mins to get to a bathroom, and its very irritating to my skin, i have to shower after every episode which could be 5 to 6 times. and it`s just like the bile that was in the drain after surgery.(I had and emergency drain, he nicked my liver and i wore the drain for 14 days) but you can actually see the bile floating in the toilet. ( sorry I hate to be so grafic)


There is a syndrome termed postcholecystectomy diarrhea but there is no data available to state how common this problem is. Currently it is thought that because there is no longer a gallbladder to store bile, the bile acids are released in high amounts into the small intestine and cause diarrhea by irritating the colon. This diagnosis should not be made unless there has been a full evaluation (usually performed by a gastroenterologist)to exclude other more common causes of chronic diarrhea. Some patients have significant improvement in their diarrhea in response to medications that bind up the bile acids (eg. cholestyramine).

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John D Long, MD
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