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Skin Care and Diseases

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I`m 19 and I don`t get many pimples but when I do and the eventually go away, but they leave red marks behind. I was wondering how I would be able to get the red marks to disappear and have my skin color return to its natural color?


Your inquiry about your pimples indicates that you do have acne and that may persist into your mid-20`s; and in some individuals occasional pustules occur throughout reproductive life. The inflammatory lesion produces damage to the tissues around the follicles in which they occur. When the pimple leaves it leaves behind a scar and that is the red mark that you see. It takes from four to six months for that red lesion to return to normal color. The only way to change that color is to cover it with a nonsensitizing mild cosmetic. There are several available. I would suggest that you might check with your cosmetic counter and ask for a skin color matched cosmetic that can be waterproofed so that you will not be embarrased should you get caught in the rain, etc. It would seem to me that the most appropriate way to move in this case is to have your acne evaluated by your dermatologist so that he/she might help prevent future lesions and thus prevent future red marks and/or small pitted scars.

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati