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Breast Feeding

Nipple piercing interfere w/ Breast Feeding?



Dear Expert, I want to have my nipples pierced but I`m afraid that if I do it will interfere with breast feeding. This is a living urban legend and I would love a straight answer. Thanks so much!


It is wonderful to hear from someone who is considering how her actions today may affect a baby she has in the future! I hope you find this straight answer helpful.

Although it is not recommended that a woman have her nipples pierced during pregnancy or lactation, if piercing was done and the site has healed well, there is no reason not to breastfeed. In fact women have done just that in different cultures for centuries. Mothers with pierced nipples suggest removing nipple rings or any jewelry inserted through the piercing during breastfeedings. Some mothers remove it for the first weeks or months; others remove it only for individual feedings. There are mothers who breastfeed with nipple rings in place, but there are babies that have swallowed rings when feeding. Other types of nipple jewelry, such as beads may create a greater hazard, so those definitely should be removed during feedings. For more detailed information, you can go to La Leche League International`s web site and search the term "nipple piercing." All the best!

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Karen Kerkhoff Gromada, MSN, RN, IBCLC
Adjunct Clinical Instructor
College of Nursing
University of Cincinnati