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Benefits of Asthma Medication



I`ve been on asthma medication for about a year or so and notice that I do not have much reaction to seasonal allergies, nor do I have much in the way of unpleasant symptoms when I get a viral infection. In short I feel much better when I do get sick and don`t have the usual inhalant allergy problems. Is this a normal benefit of asthma medication?


Yes to all of the above. I`m not sure what medicines you`re on but the aim of asthma control is to use medications to prevent attacks or make them them milder by controlling the airway inflammation that leads to increased bronchial hyperreactivity. Such medicines commonly include steroids especially inhaled steroids and the newer leukotriene inhibitors. Once an asthma exacerbation occurs usually a rescue medication is prescribed such as a beta agonist inhaler e.g. albuterol.

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Mitchell C Rashkin, MD Mitchell C Rashkin, MD
Professor of Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati