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I have a sister and a cousin who have Lupus. My sister feels that I should be tested or at least mention this to my physician. I have had systems which I feel are most likely unrelated. They are: abnormally high levels of protein in my urine, neck and shoulder pain, diagnosed as Fibromyalgia, red rash on my face diagnosed as rosecea. I really believe these are just symptoms totally unrelated, but I am wondering if I should be concerned?


Lupus is a disease that can have many different manifestations including rashes, muscle pain and protein in the urine. Without a thorough evaluation it is difficult to say if your symptoms represent a form of lupus . Certainly the symptoms that you describe may be due to other problems such as those that you mention. I would suggest you discuss your concerns with your physician.

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Anne-Barbara Mongey, MD
Formerly, Director, Arthritis Clinic, Univerity Hospital
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati