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Athletic Training




is creatine safe? and if u stop taking and keep up weight training will your muscle turn into fat


The subject of creatine and of sports supplementation in general is a very hot topic right now. The main concern in any supplement is the purity of the product.There is no FDA regulation of supplements as of now, and as a result many companies produce products that have additional substances or higher than necessary levels of advertised components. To answer your question directly, creatine is considered safe as it is a naturally occuring substance.You need to be aware that it can cause dehydration quickly, so you need to drink plenty of fluids. Also, I would advise checking with your physician prior to initial or prolonged use of Creatine. As far as if you stop does muscle turn to fat, that has not been the experience of our athletes. They do continue on a fairly stringent weight training program and muscle turning to fat does not happen.

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WR ’Bill’ Davis, MS, ATC WR ’Bill’ Davis, MS, ATC
Sports Medicine Manager, Wilce Student Health Center
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University