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Dental Hygiene

Tea staining teeth



I`m a tea drinker and I know that the tea is staining my teeth. Dental hygienists have commented on the stains. Now, I`m planning to have my teeth bleached and I want to prevent staining in the future. Are there any methods that can reduce the amount of staining that tea-drinking causes? For example, I wonder if it helps to add milk to tea, or drink it at cooler temperatures, or rinse the mouth with water after drinking it? One dental hygienist said that tea tends to stain teeth more than coffee -- Is that true? Do I need to kick my tea habit?


Tea stain attaches to the tooth surface where there is dental plaque present. It may be that you need to have someone help you with oral hygiene techniques. Tea stain will occur even if you have bleaching done.

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Response by:

Nancy K Nordstrom, MS, BS
Assistant Professor of Clinical Dental Hygiene
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University