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Myasthenia Gravis

Abnormal EEG and Mysthenia Gravis



Hello, I have searched the "previous questions" database `til I was exhausted. I am three years now without Dx. Symptoms seemed to appear out of the blue initially, severe gait distirbance, slurred speech, mental confusion, tremors, tactile hypersensativity,headaches, banding feeling, restless legs at night, heat/cold intolerence, extreme fatique, and severe joint pain (knees and elbows) with absolutely no clinical findings. (MRI,CT,ECK,EKG,bloodwork, etc.) However, this past Nov. I did have an "abnormal" EEG that stated it was consistent with seizure disorder. I have current difficulties with fatique, one eye drooping (especially when I`m tired) and tremors. They seem to worsen upon exhertion, oh and my mouth hangs open 90% of the time and I have constant neck pain as my head feels very heavy and is hard to hold up at times. I also was told by a close friend that I press on my throat whenever I cough, which I realized that it helps me to clear my throat. I have not had any of the typically known seizures, that is I don`t loose conscienceness, or control of bowel or bladder. I read that people with MG can have other disorders/diseases as well...but I`d like to know if MG can cause an "abnormal" EEG? P.S. I looked at old photos and realized that my right eye has drooped since my freshman year in high school...that was26 years ago.


No, myasthenia gravis does not cause seizures and is not associated with an abnormal EEG.

Thanks for the question.

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John G Quinlan, MD John G Quinlan, MD
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