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Kidney Diseases

What is a hemangioma of the kidney?



About 3 1/2 years ago, I had blood in my urine (gross hematuria). This has reoccurred another 3 or 4 times since. The most recent was about 10 days ago, and it has not let up, including passing clots. Many tests have been done in the past, but they were performed after the bleeding had ceased so no diagnosis had been given. This time, a cystoscopy revealed that I was bleeding from my left kidney. My doctor has not ruled out anything at this point, but he is suggesting that I may have a hemangioma inside the kidney. I am scheduled for a CT (CAT) scan this week. I am a non-smoker, female, 49 years old, otherwise in very good health. Do you have an input or information on the possibility of hemangioma in the kidney? There has also been the presence of protein in my urine, however, they have never said that it was exceptionally high.


Hemangiomas are common tumors usually found on the skin and commonly called ‘birth marks`. They can occur in any organ or tissue. They are usually not associated with a poor prognosis. When they are located in the kidney they may cause hematuria (visible blood in the urine). This, in turn, may cause the dipstix test for protein to show a very weakly positive reaction that should not need investigating. However, the findings on cystoscopy that the blood is coming from the kidney does require further studies. There is a long list of causes of hematuria that you can find information about at the National Institute for Diabetes, Digestive And Kidney Diseases (see link below).

I hope this information is helpful to you.

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