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Blood counts



MY SIX YEAR OLD DAUGHTER HAD A CBC DONE THREE WEEKS AGO. HER WHITE BLOOD COUNT WAS 3.1 RED 3.9 PLATE 111..THREE DAYS LATER WHITE 5.9 red 4.13 PLATE 178... Doc sais she is ok but I am woried ..I'v done reaserch on what these low counts mean can you help???


For a six year old, one could refer to the normal lab values for a child 3-14 years of age,using Cincinnati Children's Hospital lab values; they are as follows: normal white blood cell count (WBC) falls between 6.0-10.8, red blood cell count (RBC) 4.32-5.12, and platelets are 135,500-466,480. These values can shift based on the patient's symptoms, such as exposure to infections, taking certain medications. It would be best to discuss these findings with your physician who knows your child's history and presenting symptoms.

Be sure to describe to your doctor any recent colds, viruses, sore throats or medications she has taken. Does she have any bruises that you have noticed? Describe also her eating habits and sleep patterns; is she eating the same, less, sleeping more or less? Is she continuing her normal play activities? All this information will help your doctor best explain the meanings of these lab values. Good Luck!

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