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Serious weight loss



I am a 17 yr old high school female. I am active in sports, am an honor student, am NOT on a diet nor have I been. I have always been slender but I have been losing weight over the past 6-8 months. Last autumn I had a knee injury from fieldhockey play which has not healed as quickly as the doctor anticipated but my real concern is my weght loss, I am now down to 88 lbs from a normal of 110 lbs. I require a solid 9 hours of sleep and when I do not get it I am washed out by the end of the schoolday. I have been tested for mono, diabetis and soon lupus [tho I have no other symtoms of lupus. Can you help me????


Although some arthritis disorders are associated with weight loss, this would not be the exclusive manifestation. You probably have some non arthritic disorder.

Your doctor can evaluate you for condiditions such as hyperthyroidism and malabsorption.

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Larry   Houk, MD Larry Houk, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine and Rheumatology
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati