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Treatment for Asthma Caused By Radiation



I was treated 15 years ago with radiation treatments after having a thymoma. Recently I have been diagnose with asthma caused by the radiation. In the past 4 months my health has gone downhill. I am having lots of difficulty beathing while walking or steps. Went to a heart doctor they found a small amount of fluid around my heart and 3 leaky valves. all causes were ruled out so they are blaming the radiation. No they are sending me back to my pulmonary doctor and want to treat my asthma aggresively as they feel the heart isn`t causing my breathing problems. How long do I give these doctors and then where do I go for help. I want to be able to resume my previous health. any suggestions?


I am not aware of any relationship between radiation therapy and asthma. A medline search was unable to find even a single case report. There are two broad possibilities. You may have asthma unrelated to your prior radiation. Alternatively, the radiation could have led to other cardiopulmonary diseases which is affecting your breathing. Aggressive treatment of your asthma will allow your physicians to determine the contribution of other disease processes to your dyspnea(breathlessness). NetWellness offers a referrals/directories page, which might help you to find the type of specialist that you seek. To access it, follow the `Click here for a referral` link at the bottom of this screen.

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