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Sports Medicine

Protruding bone



Last summer I stepped off the edge of a side walk ,by accident, and I noticed the bone, on the side of my foot, near my big toe, was protruding more than usual. The pain was intense for approx. 20 mins. and I soaked in ice. Now my big toe seems to cross under my other toes, somewhat, and the bone on the side is painful to the touch. Most of my shoes hurt and even the sheets rubbing against it, at night, hurt. Is this anything to worry about? My co workers think this is a common problem, not at all related to my clumsiness.


It would be helpful to know your age, medical problems (if any) to better answer this question. It sounds as though you are suffering from hallux valgus (bunion). You may have fractured your toe that time you stepped off the curve or you may have merely inflamed an early bunion. I would recommend seeing a podiatrist or an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in feet to check xrays and assess your need for surgery. Often the `curving under` of the big toe can be corrected with surgery and this, eventually, takes away the pain. It can be a painful couple of days after the surgery, but long term it seems to work well. Your doctor will also want to rule out gout, infection, arthritis, and other conditions that can cause your symptoms. I hope this helps.

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Eric E Coris, MD Eric E Coris, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Team Physician
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University