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Smoking and Tobacco

Smoking questions



Ymy question is. can you get something from sharing a ciggerette with somebody else.like aids or something. and will ciggeretts ever become a cure for something.also can a smoker become seriosly sick from not smoking more than a week or so,like having heart problems. last question, how does smoking effect a person after surgery on the body,like a foot.


Your first question about getting a disease from sharing cigarettes: yes, it`s possible to acquire viral infections like Hepatitis A and herpes in this manner, as well as bacterial infections like impetigo; I`m not aware that AIDS can be spread this way. I can`t imagine that cigarettes could ever be a cure for any disease, although there are a variety of medications that are effective through inhalation. Your 3rd question about a smoker becoming seriously ill from not smoking more than a week or so: nicotine withdrawal is uncomfortable, but will not cause serious medical problems. Your last question about smoking effects on a person after surgery is to delay healing because of the effects of nicotine in constricting blood vessels and reducing blood flow.

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