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Myasthenia Gravis

Throat clearing related to MG?



Dr. Kaminiski, Hello. Last night we had a support group meeting and an elderly gentleman patient had the following question which I am forwarding to you: I have to clear my throat several times a day and it`s getting where it takes a stronger cough to do this. Could myasthenia gravis cause the flap in my throat to allow food to get into my lungs? And then the throat clearing cleans food out of the lung passage and sends it down into my stomach?

If you have an answer or can be of any help, I will forward the message.

Thank you,


The throat clearing or coughing while eating may be a sign of weakness of throat muscles. A speech therapy evaluation with a swallowing study may help make that diagnosis and could identify other problems causing this.

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Henry J Kaminski, MD Henry J Kaminski, MD
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