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Myasthenia Gravis

Plasmapheresis or IVIG



hello im 17 and had MG for 2 yrs. my brother(16) also has it and my sister(12) too. i was just wondering why my doctor is so afraid to use plasmapheresis, but is very willing to do IVIG, even tho he knows that IVIG doesent work at all for me, and he knows that i almost feel normal after plasmapheresis. is there something i dont know about plasmapheresis??? is it dangerous???


I do not know why your doctor feels this way but you should ask your doctor.

Plasma exchange does require intravenous lines and some patients need to have large intravenous catheters placed, which increases complications. However, both IV Ig and plasma exchange can have side effects.

As you know, having 3 members of a family with MG is rare. I recommend you talk to your doctor about being evaluated by a University Medical Center interested in understanding the genetic factors associated with MG. Your contributions could be very important to the world of MG.

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