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Alzheimer's Disease

The History of Alzheimers disease



How long has Alzheimer's disease been around?

Are there any famous people that have had Alzheimer`s disease?


Alzheimer`s disease was first recognized as a distinct clinical entity in 1907 by Dr. Alois Alzheimer, a physician and psychiatrist. He described the case of a patient in her 50s with an aggressive dementia that included memory, language, and behavioral deficits (primarily paranoia). He was the first to describe atrophy of the brain, loss of nerve cells, and plaques and tangles in the autopsy of this patient. The existence of this new entity was quickly confirmed by others and by 1910 this new form of dementia was named Alzheimer`s disease. President Ronald Reagan is one of the most famous people afflicted with Alzheimer`s disease. Others include actress Rita Hayworth, and novelist and philosopher Jean Murdoch.

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