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Skin Care and Diseases

Itchy, Peeling Skin on One Foot



I have itchy, peeling skin only on one foot. Sometimes there are little blisters. This is almost like a fungal infection or athletes foot, but nothing seems to work on it. My feeling is that if it`s athletes foot both feet would be involved. Any ideas.


Your description of the rash on your foot does sound like athlete`s foot or tinea pedis or a fungal infection. Those are three names for the same problem. The blisters and peeling are very typical of fungal infections, especially when the blisters are on the instep. There are other disorders that might produce the same signs but fungal infections are the most common.

You might wish to consult a dermatologist who can make a scrapping and can tell instantly if there is a fungus. Some times the person needs to take a pill available by prescription to rid the infection, especially if the infection involves the nails.

Your dermatologist can sort this out for you and give you the best therapeutic options.

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James J Nordlund, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati