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Urinary and Genital Disorders (Children)

Pain in abdomen after urination



My four year old has been having severe pain in his abdomen (he points into his belly button),after or around the time he urinates.Sometimes it just happens for no reason,I mean he has notjust urinated.His stream seems normal to me ,he has had his urine tested and the doctor said that was normal.He puts off urinating,but when he goes, he goes alot.The pain comes and goes during the day,but it hits very suddenly .At first we thought it was gas or that he needed to have a bowel movement ,he had normal x-rays though.He says he has to urinate,even if he just has.It sounds like a bladder infection,but he has tested neg. for a year.I almost took him to the emergency room tonight the pain was so bad but then he seemed to be better.His appetite is good when he`s not in pain.sometimes he complains his penis hurts.please help our doctor is at an end.


Anytime a child complains of pain with voiding that is persistent and/or severe it is prudent to arrange for a kidney ultrasound study to make sure the child`s anatomy is normal. Pain that occurs suddenly usually implies a spasm, of either the bladder, bowel or both. Bladder spasms may occur if a child has mild constipation, does not void often enough or just on their own. This is usually a temporary problem that may improve with a combination of regular voiding habits, a daily stool softener and perhaps a medicine to prevent spasms such as oxybutinin or tolteridine.

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