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Kidney Diseases

Shadow on kidneys



There was a shadow found on my kidney during an ultrasound. How reliable is this that there is something there? Also, can they do a ct scan without the dye? Also can fecal matter be there in the kidney and this is what is shown? What does this all mean?


A shadow by ultrasound means that there is something in the path of the sound waves that does not allow the sound waves to pass through it. What ever is causing this shadow may be in the kidney, overlying it or under the kidney in it`s position relative to the sound generating equipment. Fecal matter in the bowel can cause such a shadow.

Ct scans can be done without dye.

All this means is that you should consult the physician that ordered the ultrasound and ask her/him what you should do next if anything. It is not possible for me to advise you without seeing the studies and knowing a great deal more about your general health problems.

Please check back with your care provider as soon as possible.

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Philip W Hall, 3rd, MD Philip W Hall, 3rd, MD
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