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MDR Vital Factors - does it work?



I`ve recnetly seen an infomercial about a produ ctcalled MDR Vital Factors. (They claim the mdr stands for medical doctors research). This product supposedly increases the growth hromones that steadily decrease as we age. This product promises more energy, less body fat, and more bone density. Is this product safe? It references preliminary studies done at variou universities and labs. I went to the web page but it didn`t list the ingredients which makes me suspiscious. If the ingredients are legit, I am 47 years old with no major health problems. I only take 100 mg of Aldactone a day for cystic acne. I am allergic to penicillin. Is is safe for me to take this product?


I have never heard of this product and I cannot comment on the safety or efficacy of a product with unknown ingredients. However, there are hundreds of products making similar claims. If any of them actually worked every doctor in America would be prescribing it. I would save my money.

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Elizabeth Joyner Gothelf, BSN, MAG Elizabeth Joyner Gothelf, BSN, MAG
Assistant Director
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati

Steven Bartz, MD
Assistant Professor
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati